Villa Rosa Patterns

Along with designing patterns for Melissa & Mom, Melissa designs for Villa Rosa Designs, and has the following patterns available. All Villa Rosa Pattern cards sell for $2.00.

Animal March

I don't normally quilt with panels, but this one was too cute to pass up, so I designed this quilt. I kept the quilt small, thinking it would be a great baby quilt.

Animal March.jpg

Be Unique

I've always wanted to design a fish quilt, and I had such fun with this one, particularly the one fish who is unique and swimming against the flow!

Be Unique.jpg

Bee Charming

I started this design with the charm pack, and came up with this quick and easy design.

Bee Charming.jpg


This quilt started with the strip pack, and my love for both reading and quilting. I see the pattern as a bunch of books on their sides with book ends in between.

Bookend 3.jpg


Bowtie is one of a series of quilts I have designed where you make a block, then cut it in half to put back together again. The patterns that you get can be so much fun!

Bowtie 3.jpg


This quilt also started as a charm pack, and my idea was to make the charm squares cascade down the quilt.



I spent a number of years living in Edinburgh, and this quilt was inspired by the cobblestone streets that you can still find everywhere in the old town.


Domino Five

This was my first quilt pattern for Villa Rosa, and is named after a Scottish Country Dance for five dancers.

Domino Five.jpg


This quilt got its name because the pattern and color scheme are fairly simple, but yield a lovely quilt!


Farmyard Fun

I saw this fabric in a quilt store and fell in love with the animals. I had to design something that would display the fabric and came up with this pattern.

Farmyard Fun.jpg

French Braids

This pattern started life as a rail fence and then developed from there.

French Braids.jpg

Going Up

This fabric line just spoke to me, and it needed a pattern with big pieces to show off the cute prints.

Going Up.jpg

Hidden Gems

The number of patterns and designs you can come up with when working with half-square triangles is astonishing, and I haven't even scratched the surface yet!

Hidden Gems.jpg


I see the infinity sign in this pattern and it is an easy pattern to just keep going on, thus the name.

Infinite 2.jpg

Jam Session

A jam session is where a bunch of musicians get together and just play music. I named this quilt after the jam sessions at fife and drum events.

Jam Session.jpg

Kit & Caboodle

How could I not design a quilt around this fabric line when it has black cats? We have six black cats in our family and I can see most of them in this quilt!

Kit & Caboodle.jpg

Make Mine Plaid

I love plaids, and have tried multiple times to make a quilt that had a plaid design. So far this is my only success.

Make Mine Plaid.jpg


I love hiking and spending time outdoors and this quilt reminds me of looking out over a mountain range and just seeing peak after peak fading off into the distance.

Mountains (1).jpg


This quilt is only made with two fabrics, but you get stunning results when one of them is ombre!


Positive Sign

My dad asked me to design a quilt that was made up of plus signs. This is what I came up with.

Positive Sign.jpg


I made this quilt with left over strips from a number of strip packs, and think it turned out great.


Rail Fence

Sometimes you have to go back and visit more traditional quilt blocks, like this rail fence quilt.

Rail Fence (1).jpg

Railroad Tracks

This design looks like multiple railroad tracks running parallel, which is how it got its name.



I thought that the design of this quilt looked like a stairway going up.


Star Rail

This design took several iterations, but I love the result!

Star Rail.jpg


This quilt is another one which shows off what a quilt can look like when you make blocks then cut them in half to put them back together again!



My sister named this pattern after deciding that I needed to try for a pattern name with every letter of the alphabet.



This quilt pattern just looks so crisp and clean with the blues and whites.



Start with a rail fence and then start turning the blocks on their sides and somehow I ended up with this pattern. It uses exactly one strip pack.

Windmills 2.jpg

X Ray

I thought that this pattern looked like I imagined x rays to look if you could see them.

X Ray.jpg

Zig Zag

This is a quick and easy quilt with an optional border to make it larger.

Zig Zag (1).jpg