Knitting Patterns

Snowflakes Double-knit Hat

I had so much fun developing the pattern and making my first double-knit hat that I developed a second pattern which had snowflakes on it, the Snowflakes Double-knit Hat.


Jenn's Stripy Reversible Hat

My friend Jenn does a lot of outdoor activities, even in the winter, which means she needs a nice warm hat for the cold Scottish weather. She loves the color purple and she really likes stripes, so I designed Jenn’s Stripy Reversible Hat just for her.


Shamrocks Double-knit Hat

I gave the first hat to my mom, and my dad wanted one too. He got to choose the colors and the pattern, which is why I made up a hat with shamrocks on it in shades of blue, this was the inspiration for the Shamrocks Double-knit Hat.


Hearts Double-knit Hat

Along with designing quilt patterns I have also designed some knitting patterns for double knit hats which are very warm and cozy and completely reversible. My first hat pattern was the Hearts Double-knit Hat.